New Virginia Beer Tastes Like Lucky Charms Cereal – and it’s Magical

Beer lovers, mark your calendars! Lucky Charms beer is now available for a limited run! Starting on March 2 in Norfolk, Virginia, Smartmouth Brewing Co. breathlessly announced the news on social media, where it promised to meld breakfast cereal with alcohol for a magically delicious experience.

“Remember how you used to sort through bowls of your favorite breakfast cereal to separate the marshmallows from the cereal?” Smartmouth wrote on its website. “Whether you ate them first or saved them for last, we’ve got you covered with our latest beer.”

Join us as we flashback to those Saturday Mornings when you rolled out of bed and were lazy all morning watching your favorite cartoons and playing video or board games. We’ll celebrate those mornings with the release of Saturday Morning IPA that is made with pounds of marshmallows, some of which we toasted, along with tropical fruity Calypso hops. The result is magically ridiculous,” said Smartmouth Beer in a Facebook post.

The Lucky Charms-flavored beer, called Saturday Morning, is  6.6 percent alcohol by volume and brewed with toasted marshmallows and dehydrated-marshmallow-bits.

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