Burger King Flame-Broils Kanye West Over Twitter

Burger King chose some harsh words for Kanye West. On Sunday, November 4, the “All of the Lights” singer tweeted that McDonald’s is his “favorite restaurant.’

In true Kanye style, we have no idea what prompted this tweet, but the response from McDonald’s competitor, Burger King, was epic. Hours after West, 41, shared his pro-McDonald’s tweet, the UK Burger King Twitter account shot back, “Explains a lot.” The rebuttal, which is a thinly veiled reference to some of West’s recent erratic behavior, has gone viral, already netting more than 189,000 retweets, 720,000 likes and 4,000 comments.

What’s more? The U.S. Burger King Twitter account also got in on the fun, responding to West’s initial McDonald’s tweet with a bit of a dig of its own. The retort – “eyes still closed I guess” – pokes fun at the Adidas designer’s recent assertion that his “eyes are now wide open” when it comes to politics.

And of course, Wendy’s had to get in on the action with their tweet too. Whomever is running social media accounts on these companies sites needs a serious raise. But I know I’m not the only one that’s said that.

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