Understanding & Responding To The Changing World Of Comedy In Advertising – Part II

In an increasing fragmented world, comedy is one thing that is still able to connect us. Where political and social conflicts continue to test us, we share our current favourite comedy shows, standup routines, YouTube clips and ads in a bid to spread some joy. Words, phrases and actions can even break into popular culture, defining a moment in time.

Comedy can therefore be a powerful tool in building brand engagement, particularly when its unexpected and challenges preconceived ideas. But it is subjective, and what is ‘funny’ is in a constant state of flux. As a result, brands don’t always hit the funny bone.

In this session, Trevor Robinson OBE, famed for some legendary comedy ads including the ‘You’ve been Tango’d’ slap and more recently the playful and cheeky Haribo series, is join by Herwig Vennekens (Managing Director of Haribo) to discuss humour in advertising – the good, the bad, the cringeworthy – and how to get clients to take the leap into the challenging but put potentially highly effective world of comedy.


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