America’s Last Blockbuster Video Store Gets Its Own Craft Beer

The magic of Blockbuster Movies lives on – through beer!

The last remaining Blockbuster Video still stands in Bend, Oregon. The store has teamed up with 10 Barrel Brewing, an AB InBev-owned craft brewer in Bend, Ore., to create The Last Blockbuster, a new beer designed to be paired with your DVD rental and buttered popcorn.

The beer is a light-bodied black ale that the brewery says has nuances of red licorice. It will be released on Sept. 21 for a limited time. A press release from the brewery states that The Last Blockbuster “pairs perfectly with buttery theater popcorn and your favorite movie-sized chocolate with a light body, smooth finish and hints of nostalgia.” The store and brewery will be planning a block party to let people try The Last Blockbuster (presumably both the beer and the movie rental store).

It will also be served in 10 Barrel pub locations, which are located in Oregon; Boise, Idaho; San Diego, Calif.; and Denver, Colo. Where are you going to encounter The Last Blockbuster?

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