Diversity is Key: Can Brands Help Unlock Positive Change in the Film Industry?

elevenfiftyfive presents a panel discussion on diversity and representation in the film and TV industry. We’ll discuss the current state of play and the importance of continuing to drive positive change in this space.

You’ll hear why we think it’s key for you to be involved with this conversation and how to authentically engage. Our panelists, who are all doing amazing things in this area, will offer their knowledge and advice:

Corrina Antrobus, Founder of Bechdel Test Fest, a festival of films able to pass cinema’s most basic representation test.

Ramy El-Bergamy, Onscreen Diversity Executive at Channel 4, responsible for making sure programming is representative of the nation at large.
Li Lai, Founder of Mediaversity Reviews, an organisation dedicated to celebrating mainstream films that are both critically credible and truly representative.
Joanna Abeyie, Managing Director of Hyden, an organisation dedicated to placing diverse talent in leadership roles in the media and creative industries.
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