Actress-Comedian Elizabeth Banks on Using Comedy to Build Businesses

During “Make Them Laugh: How Humor is Used to Build Brands and Businesses” with Actress and Comedian Elizabeth Banks, Elizabeth talks about how an incident on Twitter led her to take control of her narrative not only on Twitter itself, but online as a whole after realizing that she didn’t own her persona. After being accustomed to engaging with fans and learning more about them, she wanted to take her brand to the next level. Inspired by a Vanity Fair article in 2007 claiming that women were not funny, she created WhoHaha, a brand dedicated to promoting female comedians in a safe space that share and highlight their content, and where users can view content. In addition, Elizabeth believes that because her brand does not judge content by a thumbs up or down button, it solidifies the notion of her brand being a space where women can release their own content without being judged, and let their voices be heard.

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